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The Adventist Home

This book is one of the most comprehensive guide for a Christian home who wants to achieve true happiness through Jesus Christ.<br><br>This work is a compilation of many texts of various writings of Ellen G. White. Here you will find a lot of detailed information on topics of interest to all those who have a home or plan to be one someday.<br><br>Here are some of the issues that are in this book.<br>- How should be the beauty of a home<br>- How to choose wisely to life mate<br>- Factors for success in married life<br>- How should be the new home<br>- Children, the heritage of the Lord<br>- Responsibilities of parents<br>- About the mother, the queen of the home<br>- Standards and Christian principles in family life<br>- The correct use of money<br>- Guarding the avenues of the soul<br>- The home and social relations<br>- How should the recreation at home<br><br>In short, this book is recommended to achieve make marriage a piece of heaven on earth, thanks to Jesus who dwell in the middle.<br><br>Finally, in order to listen to audio files is necessary that your device is connected to Internet.<br><br>God greatly bless your home.