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Who hasn't sometimes wished for assistance when it comes to define the mounting dimensions for O-Rings or even find the right O-Ring?<br>The Hutchinson O-Ring app offers precious tools: <br>- Assembly aid, depending on the installation type (in a bore, on a piston, cover fitting with internal or external pressure)<br>- Compounds compatibility with various fluids<br>- Intelligent O-Ring measuring tool with the smartphone's camera function<br>- Dimensions list for standard parts<br>You can choose a reference number from thousands of available O-Rings and then precisely define the groove dimensions to ensure perfect sealing.<br>On the contrary, after choosing the installation type and the groove dimensions, the app will recommend a list of compatible O-Ring dimensions.<br>A smart measuring tool has been developed to measure your O-Rings dimensions. This can for instance be used in MRO for easy replacement. Take a coin to set the standard and watch your smartphone turn into a digital measure tool for precision seals!<br>If chemistry classes are bad memories for you, the compound compatibility tool will help you to define the appropriate compound family, depending on the fluid used in your application.<br>Bonus : get the PDF calculation results per email !<br>In order to confirm your choice, we recommend to validate with tests