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Last Ball Standing

Control a simple ball and bash other off! Make sure you don't fall off yourself! Can you do it?<br><br>Roll around simply by swiping the screen. Enemy balls try to roll into you and push you off the platform, but if you hit them at the right moment they will fly off in stead! Another tactic is to try and avoid an enemy when near the edge, and they may fall off by accident themselves.<br><br>Each enemy type requires a different strategy.<br>Some are small and light, some are heavy, but can still be pushed off with persistence. Some enemy balls are fast, and can actually be defeated by avoiding them at just the right moment.<br><br>------<br><br>Defeat the balls at each stage and progress to various worlds. Each triumph gets you coins too!<br><br>Game features:<br>- Easy intuitive controls<br>- Smooth 3D graphics<br>- Feel-good physics<br>- Various enemy balls<br>- Lots of stages to play through<br>- Many skins to unlock<br><br>Roll on and let the fight begin!