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Escape game : Lost Cat Story

If you notice it, there is a strange back alley ...<br>Can a young kitten still reach the owner of her love without fail?<br>Variety of "strange mysteries" and "disturbing people" that stand out!<br>Is the road chosen to the way to the owner?<br><br>A multi-ending system that ending changes with a solved mystery!<br><br>★ 360 degree view alley back explore type, puzzle escape game ★<br>"Stray cat, escape from the back alley"<br><br>【Game Outline】<br>You are a lost child lost in the strange alleys.<br>Let's fumble explore the back alleys and find a way to return to the owner.<br>There are many "obstructors" and "mysterious mysteries" that block the way to go behind the alley.<br>Let's resolve each and every wisdom.<br>The ending will change depending on the mystery and action you choose.<br>The destination to which the kitten arrives ...<br><br>【Method of operation】<br>Screen tap ... Survey what is worrisome<br>Swipe screen ... move viewpoint<br>Item usage ... Select the item icon at the bottom of the screen<br>Confirm File ... Select a file from the menu at the top of the screen<br>Honest use ... at the top of the screen? choose<br>Journey progress ... Advance time and change scenes<br><br>【Capture Hint】<br>There are many things behind the alley. Let's tap tightly.<br>· The things that looks change as the situation changes. What you did not mind a while ago may appear as a hint ...<br>· Let's look back at the item when it becomes clogged.<br>· Let's dare to move forward as soon as you can not find what you can do.<br>· You may need to swipe and not just tap. Let's try various operations.<br><br><br>【Delivery Price】<br>You can enjoy all the endings for free.<br><br>It is a game you can play with ease. have fun.