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AD II Remastered, Has the same function as the Original AD II App which was unfortunately discontinued back in 2014 Due to SDK Upgrades. <br><br>We have now Relaunched it with a brand new look for 2018, Features 10 audio channels which are Swept in a linear fashion rapidly, Each of the 10 channels has its Own 10 bank randomized playlist, Meaning every time a session is started, It reloads a random set of 10 banks per channel, These amount to a total of 100 banks the App can use, It will also dynamically reset and refresh the bank when Expired, When App is running. <br><br>Brand new features include:<br>Real Echo mic feedback loop, With dynamic Pitch control.<br>Gesture controls on the touch panel, Drag finger on the Upper portion to set Echo/Pitch<br>And the lower sweep panel, Drag left to right to set sweep rates. <br>Giving a whole new User experience and control like never before. <br>Brand new Glass UI For a sleek user Interface and smooth control with Gestures <br>This gets rid of the traditional slider controls and unnecessary buttons for a clean <br>User experience. with sleek modern look Whilst retaining core functions.