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Web Browser

Web Browser is a fast, easy, secure, and lightweight browser for Mobile. Web Browser is support both phone and tablet. It brings you impressive browsing and downloading experience.<br>Web Browser is base on Android WebKit Kernel. <br><br>Features:<br>- Tabbed Internet Browsing<br>- Security: Keep your browsing safe &amp; private. <br>- Safe: Access to browse everything on the Internet without saving anything.<br>- Fast: Get to the internet faster, with quick start-up and page load times<br>- Supports Adobe Flash Player <br>- Small Footprint<br>- Full-screen mode.<br>- Set Font Size.<br>- Bookmarks<br>- Homepages<br>- Search suggestions.<br>- Find on page.<br>- Super easy copy/paste<br>- Quick search: Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other default search engines<br>- User Agent settings<br>- Advanced Gesture feature<br>- Sharing: Super-easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through social media channels.<br>- Advanced Settings<br>- Uses the Native JavaScript and WebKit Engine So file size is smaller

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