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NetPatch Firewall

NetPatch Firewall is an advanced Android network firewall WITHOUT ROOT.<br><br>You can block Any network access based App, Hostname and IP using the no root firewall.<br><br>It supports custom rules fully, shadowsocks and shadowsocksR proxy, the only network firewall supports these features.<br><br>With the firewall App, <b>reduce your data usage</b>, <b>save your battery</b>, <b>protect your privacy</b>, take back the better Android life you deserve.<br><br>✔ <b>Block network access per apps</b>, based screen on/off, wifi/mobile(3G &amp; 4G), and block Roaming<br>✔ <b>Shadowsocks and ShadowsocksR secure proxy</b>, support TCP &amp; UDP(one better VPN proxy, you need a shadowsocks or ShadowsocksR server)<br>✔ <b>Custom DNS</b>, change your DNS servers, support DNS query through shadowsocks(R) proxy, and set DNS cache time<br>✔ <b>Notify when new apps installed</b><br>✔ <b>Export/import configure</b><br>✔ <b>Free 7-day Trial for Premium</b><br>✔ <b>No Ads</b><br><br>Premium features(discount price: $4.99USD):<br><br>✔ <b>Create any number of IP and domain groups</b><br>✔ <b>Subscribe IP and domain groups from network</b><br>✔ <b>View all network logs</b>, (include access type, IP, hostname, activity time, duration time, sending and receiving data size).<br>✔ <b>View all blocked requests</b><br>✔ <b>View all IPs and hostnames of each app accessed</b><br>✔ <b>Block the access to any domain names you don't want at any time</b><br>✔ <b>Block or proxy based country ips</b><br>✔ <b>Support Block/Proxy/Direct rules for every group</b><br>✔ <b>Support root domain name</b><br>✔ <b>Support CIDR network address</b><br><br><br>How does NetPatch firewall work? <br>https://firewall.netpatch.co/rules/<br><br>Follow us on Twitter: <br>https://twitter.com/netpatchco<br><br>Telegram Channel &amp; Group: <br>https://t.me/nfnews <br>https://t.me/nfusers<br><br><b>Notice:</b><br><br>NetPatch Firewall does not have any built-in rules, you need to create your own rules or subscribe from network.<br><br>Known issues:<br><br>In the ipv6-only network may not work.<br><br><b>TRANSLATE</b><br><br>Welcome translators to go to POEditor to help translate NetPatch Firewall. https://poeditor.com/join/project/SO7B3ihkJ0<br>It's okay to leave some strings untranslated if you think it should use the same string as English (US).