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99 names of Allah with sound

You can find 99 names of Allah, sounds, meanings, benefits, verses, hadiths and counter for dhikr in our program.<br><br>/// 1.3 Update Notes<br><br>-No Longer You can sort the names by Quran order or by name from the menu.<br>- To be counted that day in dhikr "not completed " text will appear and dhikr will change as "completed" when finished.<br>- Dhikr at the end of the vibration increased.<br>-Sounds section design was changed, performance is improved, the divine name was written. In addition, repeat all, repeat button and divine added.<br><br>-You can e-mail to us from the menu<br><br>-If you want to support us, we added rose picture to top right of programm. If you click the image, you'll watch a video for 15 or 30 seconds. After watching the first video, banner ads won't appear throughout the day. You can watch up to 10 times a day. <br><br> Have a good day. <br><br>/// 1.2 Patch Notes<br><br>- Names are listed like in the Quran order<br>- Added " Dhikr Days spinner "<br>- Added vibration button bottom of count button.<br>- Added fullscrren ads. You'll show when quit than application.<br><br>/// 1.2 Patch Errors<br>On Top-left Spinner is Dhikr Days spinner. We forget to translate it. It will fix on another update.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Allah, 99 names, asmaulhusna, sound,