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3rd Grade Reading Challenge

Try the 40-day 3rd Grade Reading Challenge!<br>Read one story each day and answer the questions to show you can get a passing score.<br>Our stories at Peekaboo Studios have been written by award winning authors and teachers.<br>Each passage and question set takes just 4-6 minutes to complete.<br><br>* Original stories written specifically for our app<br>* Aligned with Third Grade curriculum standards<br>* Study anywhere and learn at your own pace<br>* Specifically appropriate content chosen for this grade level<br>* Start increasing student reading scores today!<br><br>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;&lt;&lt;<br>Ads support this totally free reading experience.<br>To purchase our 3rd Grade stories without ads, go here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Peekaboo.Google.nfr3<br>&gt;&gt;&gt; &lt;&lt;&lt;