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Scary Prank Calls

If you are famous for being a prankster, then Halloween must be your favorite time of year. People do all kinds of practical jokes and with this 😨 "Scary Prank Calls" 😨 app you will be able to make all kinds of hilarious "prank calls" and have some Halloween fun. One of the oldest and most popular tricks is the "fake call" to "scare your friends". You will not be able to call someone else, but you can use this prank call software to call your own phone and receive scary text messages. Program your phone to receive a scary prank call when someone is using your phone so they get completely terrified. If someone likes to spy on your phone, set it up to receive a scary sms text from a scary character and they will never think about picking up your phone again.<br><br>👻 Scary Prank Calls Features:<br><br>📞 prank calling apps free<br>📞 scare your friends joke<br>📞 scary caller app<br>📞 fake phone number<br><br>😱 Fake Call &amp; SMS - Prank Friends<br><br>Leave your phone on the table and leave the room. But program this scare your friends app beforehand using this Scary Prank Calls software so that a scary caller shows up on your screen. Or tell them that you are expecting an important call and to answer it when your phone rings. When they pick up the phone they will see a picture of a poltergeist, ghost or some other afterlife creature thanks to this fake call and text prank. Don't worry about this being a scary prank, it's Halloween after all, and people won't get angry because of prank call apps. Be creative using this fake phone call application and make the best Halloween pranks.<br><br>🎃 apps to scare your friends and family<br><br>The contact images from this scary prank calling app are so terrifying. If your parents aren't very tech savvy, then you can download this Scary Prank Calls app and play the best scary pranks on them. Once you have this prank calls scary app on their phone, set it up so that they receive a scary calling from an unknown number. They will get a huge scare, but they won't be able to figure out that the reason why they are receiving these scary calling pranks. With prank calling apps for free you will be able to play tricks on people all Halloween. If you really want to freak someone out do it with scary messages prank. Imagine people's surprise when they see prank scary phone calls.<br><br>☎️ fake call prank maker<br><br>Since you have unlimited free prank calls with this Scary Prank Calls program, try using your scary fake prank calls with all of your friends and see who is gullible enough to believe that this prank calling is actually real scary phone calls, and who will figure out that it's just free funny prank calling apps. Install these prank calling apps for free when people aren't watching and see how they react to a fake call and massege that pops up when they don't expect. Most people will panic when they see a scary prank caller and won't even think that it's because of a prankster app. Become the king of practical telephone jokes with this scare your friends prank. Enjoy your prank calls free!