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Match 3 Rewards: Earn Gift Cards & Free Rewards

💰 If you play match 3 games – why not earn free gift card rewards for it? At Match 3 Rewards, it’s easy to <b>earn free gift cards by playing games</b> and discover amazing new apps every day! 💰<br><br>Every day you’ll be able to earn free gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy &amp; over 35 other stores! With <b>hourly and daily app rewards</b> to earn, it’s quick and easy to start earning free gift cards. You can earn points by completing simple tasks such as trying a new game, completing a few levels or watching a short video – with <b>so many ways to earn app rewards</b> it’s your choice!<br><br>We also have a wide range of other games which aren’t match 3 to experience that will allow you to earn rewards &amp; points faster. A typical new player can <b>earn $20-$30 in free gift card rewards every month. </b><br><br>Why not earn free gift cards for what you are already doing?<br><br>----------------------------------------------------------<br><b>MATCH 3 APP REWARDS – HIGHLIGHTS</b><br>----------------------------------------------------------<br>⭐ Browse &amp; play a wide selection of amazing, fun match 3 games<br>⭐ Easy to follow instructions to claim your points<br>⭐ Earn free gift cards as a reward for completing simple tasks<br>⭐ Redeem your points to earn $5-$25 dollar gift cards from dozens of different companies like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Nike and more. <br>⭐ New ways to claim points every day! <br><br>💰<b>DISCOVER NEW MATCH 3 GAMES</b><br>Match 3 App Rewards is the perfect place to discover and play a wide variety of awesome match 3 games. With so many different games and themes, you’re guaranteed to find something you love to play! Don’t want to play match 3? We’ve got plenty of other games waiting for you to try!<br><br>💰<b>EARN POINTS &amp; REWARDS AS YOU PLAY</b><br>Earn points for completing simple tasks such as trying out a free, new game or watching a short ad. With easy to follow instructions and an endless stream of points to earn, you’ll be redeeming your points for awesome gift card rewards in no time! <br><br>💰<b>REDEEM YOUR POINTS FOR FREE GIFT CARDS!</b><br>Redeem the points you earn by playing games and completing tasks for free gift card rewards – it’s that simple! You can redeem your points for Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Best Buy gift cards and much, much more – there are <b>over 35 gift cards to choose from!</b><br><br><i>The app is not endorsed, licensed, or sponsored by Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Target or any other gift card provider.</i><br><br><b>EARN MONEY BY PLAYING GAMES YOU LOVE – DOWNLOAD MATCH 3 APP REWARDS NOW! </b>