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Exchange The Box

Exchange box is a fun strategy to eliminate game<br><br>By swapping boxes, you can eliminate adjacent three or more same kind of boxes, but you have to eliminate all boxes within a specified number of steps to clear the stage, you may only need to swap one time to eliminate dozens of boxes.<br><br>There are 14 chapters in the game and 24 levels in each chapter. Can you challenge all the levels?<br><br>Tips: share the game to your friends every day and you will be granted with 3 red hearts, use them to find out the best swapping solution.<br><br>Please feel free to leave your valuable comments and rate, you can contact us directly by email, we will reply asap:<br>larrouse.sc@gmail.com<br><br><br>Ver 2.0.0 update content<br>1.Update the art resources of the game<br>2.Update the game's background music and part of the sound effect<br>3.Delete the login ad