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All Skin Diseases Atlas & Treatments

This application provide skin diseases and how they appear on patients skin with guides on how to diagnose, investigate and treat the condition, The pictures provided are well colored and to enable users to have maximum benefit, you can zoom out to have a proper view of every picture.The content of the application include<br>introduction<br>bacterial infections<br>Viral Infections<br>Fungal Infections<br>Parasitic Infections<br>Leprosy<br>Acne<br>Psoariasis<br>Pityriasis<br>Alopecia<br>Lichen planus<br>Lupus Erythematosis<br>Urticaria<br>Vitiligo<br>Drug Eruptions<br><br>Applications made by developers<br>Breath Sounds<br>Heart Sounds<br>Cardiopulmonary Sounds <br>Heart Sounds Collection<br>Internal medicine mnemonics<br>clinical medicine mnemonics<br>emergency medicine mnemonics <br>cardiology mnemonics<br>obstetrics and gynecology mnemonics<br>Neurology mnemonics<br>Human Anatomy Mnemonics<br>Cancers and genital health<br>10 foods that lowers cholesterol<br>Heart sound pro<br>best foods for flat belly<br>cancer fighting foods<br>Remedy to menstrual pain<br>health benefit of honey<br> We are so proud of our contribution to Medical Field.