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JET Mobile

JET Mobile allows direct access to all your call report needs optimized for your phone. JET Mobile will also work on a tablet. The app makes it possible to complete call reports and travel records while at the work site. Your schedule is available to you at any time in both a Week and Month view format. You can easily schedule visits. Simply use the Start and Stop buttons to enter your call report date and time data.<br><br>If you anticipate an internet connection will not be available, you can ‘Go Offline’ to download today’s assignments and documents so they are available for you to complete in store. When you have a good internet connection, simply ‘Go Online’ to upload your work. Digital signatures and Evidence are now available in Offline Mode. When multiple assignments are completed at one location, only one signature is needed. <br><br>Managers can now make changes from the phone such as view an employee’s calendar and profile, view assignment and travel history, add an unavailability, reschedule, reassign, create and complete audits. <br><br>Features Include:<br>Weekly Calendar <br>Monthly Calendar<br>Get Directions<br>Timesheet Summary<br>Employee Profile<br>Messaging<br>Offline Mode<br>More Info - to see work details<br><br>Travel Reporting<br>Digital Signatures<br>Evidence<br>Accept and Decline Opportunities<br>Add Assignment<br>Skip Request Capability<br>Unavailability management<br>Emulation mode for Managers