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BBQ Cooking Games - BBQ games smoking meat chicken

BBQ Cooking Games - BBQ games smoking meat chicken.Barbecue BBQ is a unique barbecue puzzle game that simulates the restaurant games that run the barbecue restaurant. The unique gameplay lets you send food to the customer's table for a limited period of time, simulates the BBQ barbecue shop, satisfaction. The use of sophisticated strategies and plans, barbecue will also appear from time to time has a unique function of special ingredients, make good use will make you play more handy! But be careful not to let your bamboo stick on the string is not connected with the ingredients Oh Through the production of food at the customer point, simulate the general restaurant operation process, enjoy the food and the restaurant happy! You need to pay attention to cooking food time, do not let the food is broken; guests patience is also very important, when the guests wait for a certain time, you will lose the guests, I wish you a big money in it, become a winner!!!