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Create Children Book

AWARD WINNING APP - WON 1st price in Facebook Internet.Org Innovation Challenge - for students.<br><br>This cool app enables kids (&gt;6 years) to create their own stories using a huge collection (nearly 6000+ unique assets) of backgrounds, characters, objects and everything required to create a complete story book. Use different speech bubbles, effects, filters, masks to make beautiful comic books, riddles, jokes, quotes, greetings, presentation and many more. Think, Imagine and Express yourself creatively through the stories. If you like your book, you can share it with friends and family around the world by publishing it freely on Njoy N Learn Store in just few easy steps.<br><br>“Create” and “Share” your imagination in form of the book of your choice – be it a story book, comic, learning book, joke book or greeting card ...the possibilities are endless! Create awesome books using 6000+ free images categorized in following 23+ asset packs:<br>• Abc – including text/paragraph, narration box, speech bubbles, thought bubbles<br>• Action - Action, Action2<br>• AnimalLife<br>• Cartoons – Cartoon, Cartoon2, Cartoon3, Cartoon4<br>• CountrySide<br>• Effect (Special Effects, Filters)<br>• FairyLand<br>• Frames<br>• Manga<br>• Mythology<br>• Greeting – Greeting1, Greeting2<br>• SciFi<br>• Fantasy<br>• Sketch<br>• Urban<br><br><br>This is an AWARD WINNING APP - WON 1st price in Facebook Internet.Org Innovation Challenge - for students.<br><br><br>Children across the world are creating and publishing awesome books. So, what are you waiting for? <br><br>Reading is fun, Creating is more fun, Sharing is even more ....

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