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Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike

<h1><b> They game begin with helicopter crashed and Royal Air force pilot has fallen in enemy territory, strike mission to rescue the pilot of royal forces in a war zone, an gunship helicopter crashed resulted in Bruce and two other special forces commandos kept hostages by terrorists somewhere in Afghanistan. You are the one to rescue, be a super army war hero, rescue Bruce and others from enemy camp, War hero don't born, they born in the war, do counter gorilla attack on terrorists camp, recuse your soldiers of super military and be a super war hero. there are a lot of terrorist in the mission, sharp shooters,sniper ready to shoot,be a real war hero and save the kidnapped mens.attack enemies army with gunner machine-gun fire, shoot them dead before they counter attack. As an army ranger counter attack, user gorilla counter attack super commando war tactics to complete the missions. </b></h1> <br><br>Download Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike force free shooting game, Modern Gorilla Shooter Fighting Game cross border area in hills , an armed battle gun war game. best free fps game for army games fans. Super military games player can enjoy real shooting game playing this super weapon collection shooting games. Sniper are ready to shoot on rooftop. shoot to kill, sniper vs commando assault shooter game.Brave men rejoice in adversity,they fight and shoot, just as brave soldiers triumph in war.modern weapons Shooter 3D anti-terrorism battle strike war FPS 3d game. sniper 3d counter attack game. sniper enemy attack on secret agent elite of elite army. smooth shooting on suspects sniper shooting game to kill and shoot. shoot to kill like commando shooting and assassins the inflict of war. elite and dangerous commando surgical strike war. A war shooting game where war heroes never die. Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike an anti-terrorist free shooting game is a challenging yet thrilling war shooting simulation game. Real war game environment, stunning graphics, smooth control and plenty of deadly weapons. Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike is a SWAT strike war simulation took place somewhere the battlefield cross border. It is gun games and shooting games for free.<br><br>Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike Highlights:<br><br>Cross border gorilla war battlefield strike, First Person Shooter Strike and Shooting action game. Choose among deadly weapons, assault rifles. machine guns,shoot rapidly ,get rewards on each mission, buy new weapons and move on. <br><br> ✓ Shooting Assault Guns, special forces weapons,machine guns, assault rifles.<br> ✓ AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniper rifles,<br> ✓ Realistic 3D environment, high-quality 3D graphics,<br> ✓ machine gun and dual gun equipped at start of the game. have fun.<br><br>Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike FPS loaded with assault weapons kit include dual pistol, rockets, 9mm, machine gun,light machine gun, AK-47 and much more.Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike FPS free shooting game players, welcome to an ultimate multiplayer counter terrorist gorilla counter attack war simulation game. Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike FPS SWAT action game. Terrorist has occupied a large district and playing gorilla wars against army. Army Call of Cross Border Counter Terrorist Strike special gorilla operation launched to counter attack strike on terrorist hideouts. You are a gorilla counter terrorist strike special forces agent to fight war against terrorists. You are a playing this counter terrorist strike shooting game as a SWAT Special Forces agent, fight Terrorist by counter terrorist strike alone by counter attack terrorist during anti-terrorist operation.