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Free Phone Calls & SMS via CFC

Be Smart Enough not to Pay for Calls. Talk for Free!<br><br>CFC is a virtual SIM-card in your mobile. With CFC (CallsFreeCalls) you can make international, local, mobile calls and send messages to any phone number worldwide free of charge! <br><br>Just register and get 5 first bonuses to try CFC. Once you run out of bonuses you can get it by watching advertisement in special section “Get Free Bonuses”, sharing CFC on your Facebook page, inviting friends or buying it at pretty low prices (directly from the application). Make your first call right now!<br><br>Or you can chat inside the CFC network. Using emails CFC customers have unlimited quantity of free text messages and high quality calls to communicate inside the CallsFreeCalls network. <br><br>We use modern WiFi technology, allowing you to be in touch wherever you are. Even the lowest connection quality is still enough to call or send a message without payments.<br><br>Features and Benefits: <br>- capability of sending images and photos,<br>- simple registration and login, <br>- HD voice quality, <br>- big number of sponsors, <br>- free test call to ensure your connection quality, <br>- smileys (emoticons) to make your texting more enjoyable, <br>- instant notification about earning bonuses. <br><br>Spread bonuses - use CFC!<br><br>Video reviews of our application: <br>http://youtu.be/TWVTpMsThpE <br>http://youtu.be/Pij92gYcBMI <br><br>Subscribe and see for yourself, CallsFreeCalls is the 100% best solution for free VoIP communication!<br><br>Follow us for updates: <br>Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CallsFreeCalls<br>Twitter - https://twitter.com/CallsFreeCalls

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