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EN AISC Combined Section Full

The App calculates the area, second moment area (moment inertia) and moduli of inertia of every component and combination of AISC and EN standard beams, tubes and rectangles with 273 AISC Standard Beams and 495 EN Standard Beams. The graphical representation and touch-and-drag interface make locating the components easy. During the drag operation, the app simultaneously calculates the structural properties. Rectangular components can be rotated to any position.<br><br>This version (v1) uses metric units (Length in mm).<br><br>Major Features:<br>- Combine Standard Beam with rectangles or tubes and get the combined properties.<br>- Add a component by tapping the buttons: "STD", "EN", "AISC", “Tube” or “Rect”.<br>- Use “&gt;” and “&lt;” buttons to activate a component (red coloured) to change behavior and edit a <br> component.<br>- Tap “Edit” button to change an ‘active’ component dimension.<br>- Move an ‘active’ component by dragging on the screen. Move the combined section by <br> activating component reference #1.<br>- Component movement can be snapped to full and half grid scale. Adjust grid scale to change snap <br> effect. Snap on/off button is available.<br>- Rotating rectangle snaps every 5 degrees.<br>- Drag “zoom” button to zoom in/out the entire section.