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***************************<br>*IMP Info:ROOT USERS ONLY!* <br>***************************<br>***************************<br>*Usage Info: THIS APP IS ONLY FOR CHECKROM USERS <br>*Device Supported: Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300)<br>***************************<br><br>We at CheckROM are renowned to give the user the ability to modify/customize there phones on the go with what ever they can think of and for that we developed our KitchenPro app that allows the users to do so!<br><br>KitchenPro V1 was pretty famous by itself on all major Android blogs and android forums, for the flexibility it provides.<br>So we merged more of our ideas and revamped our kitchen app even further by adding to it unimaginable features no one has ever heard of or seen in the community &amp; this gave rise to KitchenPro V2 a market in itself!<br><br>Me and Leomar75 have been working on this release like crazy for the past 2months and time has come we show you what we can do in this community and what team spirit gives birth to!<br><br>Also we have seen that almost 40% of the users Don know how to put the kitchen to maximal use and hence shy away in using the app, so i decided to do a Preview &amp; Tutorial explaining everything you need to know about how to work with this great and unique app!<br><br>ATM this App will work with a Samsung Galaxy Note &amp; Samsung Galaxy S2 which are running our CheckROM Build's for the specific device <br><br>CheckROM Kitchen Pro V2:http://bit.ly/KitchenProV2<br><br>Thanks Every one for showing us there Support and appreciation!<br><br>**************<br>*Pro Features*<br>**************<br>-New Splash screen <br>-Download Speed info<br>-SD Card Space Warning<br>-New Rating and Comment Layouts <br>-New Server Info and Star Rating's<br>-Full &amp; Perfect Landscape view compact-able<br>-More than one preview for the themes available<br>-Slider-able &amp; Select-able ICS Style custom View-pager<br>-Auto Device Detect and Auto Server Selection Capability<br>-Redesigned UI of Mod's,Animated Title,Preview's and Review Tab<br>-Added Video Guides in the app itself for new people to checkrom <br>-Added Download &amp; Install Packages tab for faster Install of Packs<br>-Added the Ability in Browse/Install the ability to flash .tar,CWM.zip and zImages