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YouCLink Description:<br><br>********************************************<br>Note: The application will only work in conjunction with a service from ComNet Telecom. Please contact ComNet Telecom (Hong Kong) Ltd for details.<br>*********************************************<br>ComNet Telecom Service for YouCLink client is a solution for IP telephony and video telephony as Unified Communications.<br><br>By adding Unified Communications for YouClink APP to an Android platform the ComNet Telecom’s corporate customers would enjoy the most convenient and intuitive interface for services.<br><br>YouCLink is a SIP user agent client for Android devices that enables end-users to make and receive calls over their existing cellular service using their business identity. End-users can dial and manage calls from their personal smartphones just as they would from their office desk phone, including tracking calls, picking up business voicemail, managing personal settings, and more.<br><br>With YouCLink, users can also search corporate directories, click-to-dial from the contact, and manage various calling features. YouCLink is completely integrated with the ComNet Telecom service platform, turning the business user’s personal mobile into an extension of the PBX. Thus, end-user would enjoy integrated audio, video, as well as other usability features such as conferencing, filters, location, favorites and active communications.