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PictBase Forms

PictBase Forms is a customizable app created for businesses. The app is a Rich form builder that allows you to chose from 17 field types: image, boolean (checkbox), single list choice, multiple list choice, localization, date, time, stopwatch, conditional fields, relational structures, ...<br>Connect to the admin web page to build your mobile apps from scratch without any development, so your sales forces, technicians, inspectors, auditors and investigators can use it on the field.<br>Using the multi user web calendar, you can also create tasks that will be automatically send by push message to your users smartphone/tablets.<br>Advanced reporting features will allow you to send automatically Word/Excel/PDF customizable documents build from data gathered by Pictcase Forms.<br><br><br>This solution allows your company to build customized mobile apps dedicated to your activity. PictBase Forms will help you manage your outdoor activities by optimizing the performance of your teams and mobile workers. <br>Building a PictBase Forms project is really fast and simple, as is the deployment. <br><br><br>www.daxium.com - France Tel : +33 1 41 02 93 50