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Educational Kids Musical Games

Monster Band is a musical game for children. This game is fun and simple to use. It will encourage your children to explore music in a new and creative way by helping a band of friendly monsters to prepare their concert. The child can compose their own rhythm by creating fun songs of different musical genres through experimenting with different beats and instruments as well.<br><br>Overall, children of all ages can enjoy learning mixing sounds and composing songs with the help of a musical monster band.<br>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br>▶DIFFERENT MUSIC STYLES<br><br>Your child will certainly have fun with the different characters in the game, each one with their own sound and musical rhythm to play instruments on stage.<br>They will discover new music combinations and explore different styles: Techno, Country, Funk and Afrobeat.<br><br>Techno: Our friends have filled the dance floor with fresh electronic, dance beats.<br><br>Afrobeat: There is nothing better than to join a reggae music concert on the beach to brighten your day.<br><br>Country: The unmistakable sound of The Far, Far West. The Monster Band has put some overalls and cowboy hats to create a true country-filled concert surrounded by giant cactuses.<br><br>Funk: A blast to the past where the dance floor is welcomed by familiar, retro sounds that most can enjoy playing as you go along with the beat of the songs!<br><br>▶ LITTLE COMPOSERS<br>Your child may choose to compose their own rhythms under the "Composer" game mode and have the choice to set the speed of pace they prefer.<br>-The child will explore different kinds of music as they play to become talented DJs or musicians.<br><br>▶ MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SOUNDS<br>-Choose from the instruments given and mix sounds to create rhythms and beats.<br>Listen to how the different kinds of musical instruments sound: piano, organ, drums, bass, guitar, bells, etc... You’ll come across a delightful set of instruments that completes an orchestra! <br><br>▶ GAME FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY<br>With Monster Band you can play with your children and experience songs and rhythms in fun and different ways. Show your creative side and help create countless songs. We are certain that there is more than one good composer at home!<br><br>▶ FIND OUT MORE EDUCATIONAL GAMES<br>Edujoy has more than 50 games for children of all ages; from kindergarten to the elderly. Here you have some that may be interesting for you:<br><br>-Educational games for kids<br>-Baby Wooden Blocks<br>-Baby Puzzles<br>-Genius Kids Maths<br>-Toddler Educational Games<br>-and many more!<br><br>▶ THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!<br>Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We love creating educational and fun games for you. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send us your feedback or leave your comments.