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Dubai Airport DXB DWC Flight Info

This app shows the REAL TIME arrival and departure flights details from Dubai International (DXB) and Dubai World Central (DWC) Airports.<br><br>It also allows you to search and display the details of arriving and departing flights.<br><br>The different flight categories for display are<br><br>* Dubai International Arrival<br>* Dubai International Departure<br>* Dubai World Central Arrival<br>* Dubai World Central Departure<br><br>After selecting a flight category, you can use the search function to find flights with matching flight number or city names.<br><br>You can also filter the flights on display by restricting the time range.<br><br>Version 1.0.2<br>===========<br>Bugfix for empty screen<br><br>Version 1.0.1<br>===========<br>Bugfix on the displayed timing<br><br>Version 1.0<br>=========<br>First release