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Job Hunt Heroes : Idle RPG

Invite you to clicker games<br>Grow heroes through tap tap <br>Push the limits of infinity stage<br>Nonstop endless challenge<br><br><br>■ Introduction<br>With five novice heroes seeking for employment who the King recruits as interns......<br>Exciting dungeon adventure with five heroes! Forget about all the same old difficult clicker RPG games<br>Collect and Auto-combat fun all at the same time! Let's enjoy a nonstop infinity growth idle RPG games<br><br><br>Become stronger every time you Return to Kingdom!<br>Get Treasure Chests every time you Return, <br>Upgrade &amp; Evolve your Artifacts to reach further.<br><br><br>Acquire and Craft your own Equipments!<br>Craft and hunt for over 500 variety of equipments <br>to boost your team.<br><br><br>Collect a variety of Artifacts!<br>Collect over 1,000 Artifacts,<br>and increase your warriors abilities.<br><br><br>Enjoy single play dungeon!<br>Lone battles begin now in The Leave-It-Aloner!<br>Play everyday to collect the rewarded!<br><br><br>Choose your favorite Costumes!<br>Dress your warriors in hundreds of different costumes, <br>and make your own unique team!<br><br><br>■ Inquiries<br>- Inquiries about payment /refune : Please contact us through Service Center from within the game.<br>- Customer Center E-mail : cs@4s-games.com