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Clapp - Interactive Whiteboard for Teaching

Today’s digital age is pressing for a revolution in the way we teach. Education has progressed beyond the simple act of delivering content, and to succeed, you need the right tools that complement your learning experience. <b>Clapp Interactive Whiteboard </b> tool helps integrate these powerful ideas into a comprehensive teaching-and-learning platform. <br>Clapp deviates from the blackboard set up in traditional classrooms to improve the way we learn, and uses technology to create a newer, more mobile version. <br>--&gt; It provides an extra degree of freedom to students. It allows them to experiment with the content they have learned by creating their own videos. <br>--&gt; It helps to provide a personal flavor to the concepts introduced by teachers, by catering to each student's needs individually -- the power to learn has been displaced to their own hands. <br>--&gt; It provides a social environment online that induces the feeling of strength within a community. Students can learn and grow together and best of all, stay connected at all times during the process. <br>--&gt; Clapp serves as the ultimate productivity tool - a neat and intuitive workspace integrates everything that a student needs to learn in one area. Regular announcements and notifications are posted to update students about their pending tasks. Real-time collaboration with peers improves efficiency. <br>--&gt;Parents can monitor their child's progress without micromanagement.<br><br>Ultimately, Clapp has been created for all the major players in education - students, teachers, parents, and institutions. <br><br><b>TRANSCRIBE IDEAS</b> <br>A virtual, interactive whiteboard for teachers to capture ideas and bring content to life. Create, animate, annotate – access a host of exciting features to create top quality slides. Pen down and record ideas, thoughts and knowledge to present unique, instructional, and interactive content!<br><b>REVEL IN THE DIGITAL WORKSPACE</b> <br>Teachers can manage their world of digital content and students’ study group through Clapp’s efficient and user-friendly interface. Customized software helps teachers by calculating relevant statistical analyses on students’ performance.<br> <b>COLLABORATE AND INTERACT</b> <br>Clapp’s LMS system offers communication channels through group discussions with peers and personal chats with teachers for to collaborate on assignments. <br><b>SHARE WHERE YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT</b> <br>Automatic conversion of lessons to MP4 format, ready for you to share through other media. Safe, secure and backed up online teaching tools and files that deliver the perfect educational app for Android tablets, to reinforce learning through a study group. Download content locally onto your device, and publish your videos and creations.<br><b>REVIEW &amp; REPLAY</b> <br>View saved lessons through the video player or read through video notes with the video reader. Clapp videos are smaller compared to traditional videos. Faster syncing and sharing!<br><b>ON THE FLY: ANYTIME, ANYWHERE</b> <br>Work on Clapp is not mandated by a working internet connection, except during syncing processes. <br><b>FEATURES</b><br>1. Record audio and video to create lessons with the interactive whiteboard. <br>2. Use diagrams, pictures from the web, shapes and fonts to make your work stand out with virtual classroom tools. <br>3. Create and manage classes with assignments, announcements, discussions and grades. <br>4. Back up to keep the data safe and secure. <br>5. Control who can see what, and for how long.<br>6. Share your work in MP4 format. <br><b>PREMIUM FEATURES</b><br>1. Create unlimited lessons with: <br>• Advanced video creating features by selecting custom maps and shapes and by importing PDF pages with virtual whiteboard tools. <br>• Extra video editing tools to fine-tune content on the teacher’s whiteboard app. Re-record, remove or dub existing audio to improve quality. <br>2. Sufficient storage space to store all your contents safe. <br>3. Create unlimited classes.<br>4. Advanced lesson editing tools to fine-tune your video content.