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Access to all the information needed to ensure your EcoJump jump starter from Ecoxgear is charged and ready to jump start your car battery or recharge your phone or tablet.<br><br>ECOJUMP CHARGE STATUS AND TEMPERATURE<br>Easily check the current charge % and temperature of your EcoJump whenever your phone is within BLE range of the EcoJump.<br><br>CHARGE REMINDERS NOTIFICATIONS<br>Set-up push notifications to send you a message when your EcoJump needs to be recharged. Never be stuck with a discharged jump starter, the EcoJump will send you notications when you need to recharge your EcoJump.<br><br>JUMP START INSTRUCTIONS<br>Simple step-by-step jump start instructions to give you peace of mind when using the EcoJump to jump start your car. <br><br>USER MANUAL AND FAQS<br>Includes common FAQS and links to EcoJump user manual