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Fire Truck Driving Simulator

Fire fighters! Ready to become a fireman in this realistic fire fighting simulator? We're on emergency rescue duty so you need to be ready to respond to fire emergencies at any time! <br>Fire truck driving has never been this intense, you don't need to be a superhero firefighter but you're under pressure to get on scene and rescue civilians!<br><br>Fire Truck Driving Simulator is not only designed as part of our fun kids games range but anyone can join in on this intense action and become a hero!<br><br>This isn't just a basic fire truck driving game! Not only will you be driving your fire truck but also get out on foot, grab your hose and put out fires!<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>- Huge city to explore! Either drive or explore on foot!<br>- Open world fire fighting!<br>- Car fires and building fires to extinguish<br>- Unlock new fire trucks as you complete missions and explore<br>- Realistic fire truck vehicles<br>- Intelligent AI traffic driving around the city<br>- Dynamic HD camera angles with full camera control<br>- Huge expansive city with tons of traffic<br>- Easy to play with easy to use controls fun for kids and the whole family to play!<br>- Full controller support<br>- Play on your phone, tablet or android TV!<br><br>Show us your fire fighting skills! Have you got what it takes to protect the city and be a true fire fighting hero?<br>Play Fire Truck Driving Simulator now for free, and we're sure it'll probably be the greatest realistic fire fighting experience you've ever played!

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