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Flight Simulator 3D Seaplane 2

Flight Simulator 3D Seaplane 2 is the new and exciting sequel of the awesome 3D simulation game, Sea Plane: Flight Simulator 3D. Become the airplane pilot a of a super realistic sea transports plane and start taking passengers to their destinations across beautiful tropical islands. Guide the seaplane across the sea to the pick-up point where the passengers will be, then you will have to fly to the destination and drop the tourists off where they want to go. Test your flying skills by flying in tropical rainstorms, thunder and lighting, gale winds, and during night. Show off your flying skills and abilities by swooping between obstacles and flying between volcanoes!<br><br><br>FEATURES:<br>-20 Exclusive, entertaining levels for this game (More levels soon to come!)<br>-Expansive, detailed open world environment <br>-High quality islands, buildings, and airports <br>-Accelerometers used to make easy to play tilt controls<br>-Interact with functional instruments used in real-life airplanes <br>-Unique reward system for gameplay<br>-Dynamic lighting and sounds of a commercial airplane and environment<br>-Amazing on-board cameras to capture every angle of the plane<br><br><br>Flight Simulator 3D Seaplane 2 uses real world simulated elements:<br>- Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms,<br>- Turbulence<br>- Day and night cycle

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