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FedCheck: Secure Facility

<b>NCIC data for the private sector??? Yeah, we did that!</b><br><br>FedCheck is the first CJIS secure app to utilize the FBI NCIC database to instantly screen visitors entering secure facilities. Now, there is no need to question who is entering your critical infrastructure. With the help of local law enforcement, once you scan the visitor’s ID, you will instantly receive a red or green siren to identify potential threats.<br><br><b>FEATURES:</b><br>-NCIC Database<br>-FBI Approved Process<br>-CJIS Compliant <br>-Cloud-Based Software<br>-Instant Check<br>-Unlimited ID Scans<br>-Deep Data Analysis<br>-Clear, Valid Data<br>-Multifaceted Security System<br>-Partnered with Law Enforcement<br><br><br>FedCheck account required to sign in. Have an account? Download our FedCheck app to get started! Have account questions? Email us at sales@identsolutions.com<br><br><br>To learn more please visit us at: http://www.ident.solutions. <br>For support questions email: support@ident.solutions.<br><br>FedCheck is a restricted information system which accesses NCIC data. Unauthorized use of this system is prohibited and may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties. Usage of this system may be monitored, recorded and subject to audit by authorized personnel as per CJIS Security Policy.