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Fantasy patrol: Adventures

From the makers of the animated cartoon series Fantasy Patrol comes an exciting new game. It’s time to do battle with mystical creatures, overcome magical traps,and collect your well-deserved rewards. <br><br>- Get your skates on and explore Fableton; <br>- Beat boredom and help overpower Jimmy the Genie and the cartoon’s other mystical characters; <br>- Choose which member of the Fantasy Patrol to play as or use all the fairies! <br>- Together we can beat even the strongest of foes; <br>- Collect well-deserved awards along the way.<br> <br>There’s always something afoot in Fableton as mystical menaces run riot. Only the Fantasy Patrol can restore order. Grab your wands, put on your skates and your thinking caps: it’s time to stop these fantastical pranksters once and for all! Once you're skated up, you can zip through familiar places with Helena, Valery, Mary and Snowy.<br><br>The current version of the User Agreement is available at: https://i-moolt.com/agreement/en<br>Privacy policy: https://i-moolt.com/privacy/en<br><br>If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to us at support@i-moolt.com, and you will definitely get a response!

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