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∞ Infinity Loop: HEX

After <b> 30 Million downloads, </b> Infinity Loop Version 2 is live!<br><br>The new version of Infinity Loop is here. Now you have a whole new collection of infinite levels to play within a hexagonal board. Enjoy this new relaxing game!<br><br>This HEX game allows you to build loops in a new way. We have kept the same structure of the Infinity Loop game: a clean and simple game that helps you improve your focus and attention levels.<br><br>Infinity Loop: HEX allows you to create closed shape patterns by connecting all of the pieces. It is a puzzle game but carefully built to provide moments of relaxation and joy.<br>We strongly believe that this Hexes game may relieve you from moments of stress as there is no pressure to solve the levels and no timers at all. <br><br>We keep it without timers as we understand that everyone has their own pace and time shouldn’t be a measure of intelligence: The ability of solve the puzzle in the end is the sole extent of someone’s capacity and intelligence.<br><br>If you are looking for a relaxing game type, enjoy the new loop with this hexa game. <br>Say no to “stress” and enjoy the loop!<br><br><b>How to Play Infinity Loop: HEX?</b><br><br>The basics are the same from our main game, because the goal is the same (Reach perfection):<br><br>• Connect all of the lines and corners to create closed shapes;<br>• Watch our video trailer to see how it works;<br>• Check YouTube for solutions if you are struggling<br><br><b>How many levels can I play?</b><br><br>Infinite. We keep it infinite!<br><br><b>How can I save my game progress?</b><br><br>• Connect the app with Google Play Games clicking on the settings button;<br>• The settings button is available on the bottom of the gameplay;<br><br>If you face any issues reach us by e-mail at support@infinitygames.io<br><br><b>Do I need to pay anything to play Infinity Loop?</b><br><br>No. The game is 100% free. There is no need to pay anything for the original game. The game is free for unlimited levels.<br><br>Do you like our work? Connect below:<br><br>• Like: https://www.facebook.com/infinitygamespage<br>• Follow: https://twitter.com/8infinitygames<br>• Visit: https://www.infinitygames.io/<br><br>Concept, development, design and copyrights: Badly Interrogated &amp; Infinity Games