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Learn MS Word Complete Guide (OFFLINE)

Microsoft is a graphical word processing program that users can type with. It is made by the computer company Microsoft. The purpose of the MS Word is to allow the users to type and save documents. Similar to other word processors, it has helpful tools to make documents.<br>It is one of the most commonly used word editing and formatting software.<br>In this app we discuss about each and every aspect of ms word from basics to advanced.<br><br>MS Word Basics<br>• Home<br>• Getting Started<br>• Explore Window<br>• Backstage View<br>• Entering Text<br>• Move Around<br>• Save Document<br>• Opening a Document<br>• Closing Document<br>• Context Help<br><br>Editing Documents<br>• Insert Text<br>• Select Text<br>• Delete Text<br>• Move Text<br>• Copy &amp; Paste<br>• Find &amp; Replace<br>• Spell Check<br>• Zoom In-Out<br>• Special Symbols<br>• Undo Changes<br><br>Formatting Text<br>• Setting Text Fonts<br>• Text Decoration<br>• Change Text Case<br>• Change Text Color<br>• Text Alignments<br>• Indent Paragraphs<br>• Create Bullets<br>• Set Line Spacing<br>• Borders and Shades<br>• Set Tabs<br>• Apply Formatting<br><br>Formatting Pages<br>• Adjust Page Margins<br>• Header and Footer<br>• Add Page Numbers<br>• Insert Page Breaks<br>• Insert Blank Page<br>• Cover Pages<br>• Page Orientation<br><br>Working with Tables<br>• Create a Table<br>• Rows &amp; Columns<br>• Move a Table<br>• Resize a Table<br>• Merging Cells<br>• Split a Table<br>• Split Cells<br>• Add Formula<br>• Borders &amp; Shades<br><br>Advanced Operations<br>• Quick Styles<br>• Use Templates<br>• Use Graphics<br>• Auto Correction<br>• Auto Formatting<br>• Table of Contents<br>• Preview Documents<br>• Printing Documents<br>• Email Documents<br>• Translate Document<br>• Compare Document<br>• Document Security<br>• Set Watermark<br><br><br><br>All are covered in this guide..<br>So download and start learning...!!