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Cultural/Religious Sensitivity

The Joint Commission’s best-selling Cultural &amp; Religious Sensitivity Guide for Health Care Professionals is now an app! Get the information you need to successfully communicate with and care for your patients. This mobile version of the popular guide is an easy-to-use, quick reference about the health care needs, expectations, and practices of the 9 most common ethnicities and races, as well as 14 of the most common religions. Perfect for health care staff treating culturally and religiously diverse patients, and helps them to comply with Joint Commission requirements for culturally appropriate care. Written by best-selling author expert Geri-Ann Galanti, PhD, with foreword by Dr. Michael S. Woods.<br><br><br><br>App features:<br>• Easy-to-use information about health care needs, expectations, and perceptions of the following ethnicities, races, and religions:<br>o Anglo American <br>o Asian<br>o Black American<br>o Hispanic/Latino<br>o Middle Eastern<br>o Native American<br>o Russian<br>o South Asian<br>o Southeast Asian<br><br>o Amish<br>o Bahai<br>o Buddhism<br>o Christian Science<br>o Eastern Orthodox<br>o Hinduism<br>o Islam/Muslim<br>o Jehovah’s Witnesses<br>o Judaism<br>o Mormonism (Church of Latter-Day Saints)<br>o Protestantism<br>o Roman Catholicism<br>o Seventh-Day Adventist<br>o Sikhism <br><br><br>• Overviews of health care beliefs, values, and practices, including those related to family/gender issues, pregnancy and birth, pain, and end of life<br>• Each feature can be saved as a favorite for easy access<br>• Includes extra articles “The 4 C’s of Culture: A Mnemonic for Health Care Professionals” and “A Few Fundamentals”

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