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Improve Your Reaction Time

By training with this app for just 5 minutes a day, you will be able to improve your reaction time significantly! The average muscular reaction time of an adult person lays between 0.2s and 0.3s - can you think quicker than your friends?<br><br>!! Please use Android 5.0 or higher as operating system !!<br><br>--------------------<br><br>Disciplines:<br><br>Muscular reaction:<br>Touch the button when it turns green!<br><br>Differential reaction:<br>Only touch the green button, don't touch other buttons!<br><br>Selective reaction:<br>Touch the correct button when it turns green!<br><br>Audio reaction:<br>Touch the loud speaker when you hear the signal!<br><br>Haptic reaction:<br>Touch the picture when the device vibrates!<br><br>Comprehensive reaction:<br>Touch the correct button according to the command in the middle!<br><br>Full training program:<br>Average reaction time of all 6 disciplines.<br><br>--------------------<br><br>FAQ:<br><br>The app is not launching correctly. How do I fix that?<br>- Please make sure that your operating system is Android 5.0 or higher.<br><br>It seems that the file size is still 50MB. How do I reduce it?<br>- In this case, please deinstall the app and then reinstall it to get rid of unnecessary data of previous versions.

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