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Cutthroat Pinochle

Cutthroat is a popular Pinochle variation for three players. Unlike most partnership Pinochle games, Cutthroat pits each player against one another, every man for himself. It’s a fast-paced, highly competitive, and very strategic card game, requiring careful planning, good memory and discipline.<br><br>In this game, you can play online against real people or choose between 8 computer opponents, each with different skill levels and unique styles of playing. Each player is dealt 15 cards with 3 cards dealt face-down to the widow. Players bid after initial cards are dealt and the high bidder combines the widow cards to potentially form a stronger hand, then discarding the three weakest cards.<br><br>As of this release there are 12 options to customize game play to user preferences:<br><br> Number of Decks: Single|Double<br><br> Sound Effects: On|Off<br><br> Game Speed: Normal|Fast|Slow<br><br> Undo Button: On|Off<br><br> Must bid to win: On|Off<br><br> Minimum Trick Points: 0|1|2<br><br> Minimum Bid: 15|20|25<br><br> Bid Increment: 1|2|3<br><br> Point to Win: 75|100|150<br><br> Must Throw Higher Card: On|Off|Trumps<br><br> Must have marriage in trump: On|Off<br><br> Winner if multiple players make winning score

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