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3D Earthquake

Visualize recent earthquakes on a 3D hollow globe.<br><br>Visualization of:<br>★ Earthquake magnitude, depth and age<br>★ Tectonic plates<br>★ Earthquake ticker showing strongest earthquakes<br>★ Tap quake label for more info and sharing<br><br>Spin the globe and pinch to zoom. Tap a label to see depth and time in ticker.<br><br>View earthquakes from last hour, day, 7 days or 30 days.<br><br>Data is from USGS.<br><br>NOTE: If the "time ago" is wrong for you - then check your phone time AND timezone in your phone settings.<br><br>OPTIONAL: In app payment to remove the advert and support dev.<br><br>(If you have any issue please email your device, OS version and full description of the problem).