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LINKED - Watch Face

<b>LINKED</b> gives you tons of customization options:<br><br>⭐️ <b>Wear 2.0 Features</b><br>• External data providers for watch face complications and background<br>• Install from watch or from phone<br><br>⭐️ <b>Customization:</b><br>• On watch customization settings<br>• Analog or digital watch<br>• Smooth or ticking seconds on analog face<br>• 12 or 24 hour time on digital clock<br>• Enabling / disabling the graphic logo<br>• Custom logo text using any of the input options on your watch<br>• Enabling / disabling the number 6 on the watch face (perhaps you dont want it there if your watch is not a full circle)<br>• Custom coloring individual items<br>• Several preset color themes<br>• Light or dark watch backgrounds<br>• 6 built in different backgrounds<br><br>⭐️ <b>Interactive:</b><br>• Double tap anywhere other than complications to change color themes<br>• If built in watch battery is displayed, you can tap it to change the view<br>• Tap complication areas to either open data provider defaults or configure your own shortcut<br>• Enable / disable each tap item<br><br>⭐️ <b>Ambient Modes</b><br>• Several different ambient mode configurations<br>These only apply if your watch allows them ❗️❗️❗️ <br><br>✔️ <b>Compatible</b><br>• Compatible with all Android Wear watches with Android Wear 2.0 only<br><br>❌ <b>Incompatible</b><br>• Anything that is not running Android Wear 2.0<br>• Samsung Gear watches running Tizen

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