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French Words for Kids

Want your kid to learn french words the easy way and with a good accent ? French words for kids is for you ! This app is used by french kids to learn to read and spell correctly words. <br><br>• 240 word-picture-audio combinations to learn to spell and pronounce French words<br>• Words have been chosen according to their phonetic difficulty and are classified accordingly, starting with words that are very easy to spell - 3 levels of difficulty<br>• The sound associated to a letter (phonic) is played when touching the letter - a great way to become familiar with spoken French<br>• Phonetic decomposition for all words : if you touch the white squares (where letters must be dragged), you hear the corresponding letters sound in the current word<br>• Letters sounds and words are read aloud by a Native French speaker<br>• English audio is also provided for each word - American native speaker<br>• Based on a spelling activity from the Montessori method, using a Movable Alphabet to spell words of increasing difficulty by associating the phonetic sounds of letters with their written symbol<br>• 21 fun and interactive visual effects to play with when a word has been completed!<br>• A standalone Mobile Alphabet is also provided to build all the words you want and play with letters!<br>• 3 types of letters are provided : cursive, lowercase and capital print<br>• Solutions are available on-demand by touching a label<br>• Support for multiple letters graphems (ch,en,ill,..)<br><br>Note: french app title is "Dictée Montessori"

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