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Lightsaber Photo Maker Editor

Lightsaber Photo Editor Blaster Photo Montage Maker let's you edit your Pictures and make cool Lightsaber &amp; Blaster Fighting Scenes and be in a War on foreign Stars. Shoot with different Blasters and fend off the Laser Rays with Lightsabers on your Photos.<br><br>Be in a War between Jedi and Sith, fight against Troopers and Droids on foreign Stars and the Force may be with you! <br><br>Easy select a picture from gallery or shoot one by yourself. Press the button in center-botton to add Lightsabers, Blaster and Laser Rays. Drag the items to the right position and save it with the button in the top-right corner. Share with your friends or family impressing them with cool photos.<br><br>Have much fun creating cool Lightsaber fighting &amp; Blaster shooting Scenes, use the Force like the Jedi in Wars on different Stars and thank you for your feedbacks.