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Loopstation Recorder

- Loopstation with Pads<br>- Loop your beat and record your full track (rap, sing) on it.<br>- Share loops and song with friends<br><br>***INFO: If app crashes at STARTUP, delete /sdcard/AudioRecorder/tmp/tmp_loop.txt ... Sorry for the inconvenience***<br><br>Now you can record a song(up to 2 minutes) on your loop composition and share it with friends!<br><br>Use headphones or lower volume for best results!<br><br>How it works?<br>1. The first recording sets the loop length, each button works as a layer. You can mute loops by clicking. <br>2. A "song"-button appears. If you have a great loops, just use the "song"-button, to record a full song.<br>3. You can share it with friends. <br><br>It is just like a loop pedal, but with pads instead of pedals ;)<br><br>You have an additional MPC mode for trying out flows with your sounds. To record a beatbox sound on a pad, click on a pad and the record will start with a threshold, in order to catch your noise with a good attack. You can add a reverb-effect on the recorded sounds, save them, create presets and share them with your friends. <br><br>Have fun with an amazing mobile beatbox experience, as I had making it.