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MC50 Programmable Calculator

-Programmable Calculator:<br>-No programming knowledge required: start programming and learn its basic concepts.<br><br>-Create and store your own programs, that can be stored as external files of your device.<br><br>-Edit your programs using the built-in or an external text editor.<br>-Optionally save your programs as standard text files.<br><br>-Built-in "sample" programs (examples) ready to use and customize (edit) that include:<br>-Financial mathematics. <br>-Prime numbers<br>-Math series<br>-Matrices.<br>-Games.<br><br>-Program commands are easy to enter to implement algorithms with loops, conditional tests etc.<br>-Structured programming language.<br>-Data structures.<br>-Subroutines.<br><br>-Complete User's guide. (available also in Spanish)<br>-You can save the user's guide as an external file in your device memory (PDF and HTML).<br><br>-Input methods:<br>-Algebraic with implied multiplication.<br>-RPN (Reverse Polish Notation)<br><br>-Retrieve the last 30 results and math expressions.<br><br>-Complex numbers (rectangular and polar form), fractions<br>-Binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers.<br><br>-Degrees, Radians, Scientific and Engineering notation, fixed number of decimals and floating point, sexagesimal system.<br><br>-Several keyboard configurations.<br>-Customized keys.<br>-Copy, cut and paste edit tools.<br><br>-Built-in functions:<br>Logarithms, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, exponential, factorial, combinations, permutations, greatest common divisor, least common multiple, absolute value, modulus, complex numbers, prime and random numbers, determinants, vectors ( norm, dot product).<br><br>-Store results in memories and/or user defined variables.<br><br>-21 built-in constants. <br>-Unit converter: 120 predefined Measurement Units.<br><br>-User defined functions and constants.<br>-User defined formulas: Evaluate automatically your own formulas.<br>-Greek alphabet.<br><br>-Functions and derivatives graphing.(up to 3 functions). Tables.<br>-Zeros of functions, maxima and minima.<br><br>- Matrix operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, transpose, inverse). <br>-Solve directly systems of linear equations up to a size of 7 x 7 using Cramer's rule.<br><br>-Vector operations (addition, subtraction, cross product).<br><br>-Statistical Calculations: mean, standard deviation, linear regression.<br><br>-Backup of all the user formulas, variables, functions and constants.