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ConvertPad - Unit Converter

CAUTION: Please use the "Favorite Categories" in menu to see the default hidden units.<br><br>ConvertPad is the most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator. It's a simple but the most powerful unit converter. (10,000,000+ downloads). ConvertPad is intuitive and easy to use. Features fast, real time currency and unit conversion in a clean interface.<br><br>Features;<br><br>* Universal Unit converter and Calculator<br> . Real-time conversion and calculation<br> . Unit Comparison Table<br> . Direct Arithmetic Calculation<br> . Country-Specific Units<br> . Wikipedia Search for additional Unit information<br>* Currency conversions <br> . Option for selecting favorite exchange rate<br> . Support 160+ Currencies<br>* Multiple languages support <br> . Supports 25 languages.<br> . Supports 2 preferences as primary &amp; secondary languages.<br>* Customizing feature for Favorite Units<br> . Favorite Categories and Units<br> . Various Sorting option<br>* User-defined Categories and Units<br> . User-defined units in built-in categories<br> . User's own categories and units<br> . Formula(functional form) support for user-defined units.<br>* Various Setting option<br> . Various Color Themes<br> . Backup/Restore User-defined Units on SD Card<br>* Steam tables<br> . Thermodynamic Steam tables<br><br>NOTE;<br><br>** Permission for "Internet access" and "R/W access on external storage" are for Update Currency and Backup user-defined units on SD Card respectively.<br><br>** Please leave your comments for ConvertPad on market. it will ENCOURAGE the developer to continue his effort.<br><br>Older Version: <br><br>v 2.7<br> Voice Searching<br> Text(Keyword) Searching<br> Reported translation errors fixed.<br><br>v 2.6<br> New languages(Hindi, Romanian) added.<br> Various translation errors fixed.<br> App Loading speed improved.<br> Minor bug fixed.<br><br>v 2.5<br>* New features<br>  New language(Hebrew) added.<br>  Searching Icon(Wikipedia) changed.<br>  Separate Input for Stone/Pound added.<br><br>v 2.4<br> Separate Input for Feet/Inches &amp; Pounds/Ounces.<br> Tablet size support.<br> UI for Calculator improved.<br><br>v 2.3<br> Wiki Searching for Unit information<br> Circle/Sphere unit<br> User interface on Setting &amp; Favorites options<br><br>v. 2.2<br> Currency rate update (after the format changed from one of the providers).<br> Number/period input issue on User-defined units<br> User interface on Calculator<br> Memorizing cursor location on each category<br> (Conversion Table)<br> Dec/Bin/Hex<br> Shoe/Clothing/Ring Size<br> dBm/Volts/Watts<br> <br>v. 2.1<br>* Option for various Color themes<br>* Formula type(functional-form) input for user-defined units.(ex: 2*x+5)<br>* Reference unit option for user-defined units.<br>* Text size optimization for various devices.<br>* Memorizing feature on Calculator (Click on input field)<br>* ASME Steam tables (Thermodynamics)<br>* New language(Turkish)<br>* Minor bugs fixed.

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