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FANTASICA -Tower Defense TCG

Begin your quest in this card collecting, role-playing, tower defense adventure. From the artist behind the Final Fantasy series comes Fantasica, the ultimate social experience.<br>★★★★★With Over 16,000 five-star reviews and winner of Best Art Style on Mobage★★★★★<br>Join forces with your friends to defeat the evil threatening your world. All interested heroes are advised to keep their weapons sharp and their allies ready. The world of Fantasica is a beautiful, yet dangerous place!<br><br>⚔FEATURES⚔<br>➤ Collect beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Final Fantasy Art Director Hideo Minaba.<br>➤ Defeat enemies in strategic, real-time battles with your own personal army.<br>➤ Band and compete with friends to defend the world from darkness.<br>➤ Over 200 adventures and quests to test your mettle.<br>➤ Ongoing ranked events that offer rare cards, prizes, and of course, bragging rights.<br><br>***Information****<br>Fantasica is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social game network. Connect with other gamers on Facebook at http://facebook.com/mobage Check out more games at www.mobage.com, and follow us @Mobage on Twitter to get the latest news, deals, and help on

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