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Sudoku With Pictures

-In the Sudoku game you need to drag the correct objects into empty cells of a table. <br>-You win the game when all the squares are filled and in each row as well as in each column every object appears exactly once. <br>-Sudoku is a logic game which is suitable for kids 3 years old and up. <br>-Sudoku is an educational game to train spatial reasoning, attention, logic, IQ, basic math.<br>-Sudoku With Pictures is best game for kids to exercise of mind.<br>-A learn and fun way to improve your logic and brain.<br>-User interface is very easy and funny for kids.<br><br>Featuers:<br>✔ Simple and effective controls<br>✔ Sudoku classic Puzzles for free<br>✔ 3 levels of game difficulty - easy, medium,hard,evil<br>✔ Undo Feature <br>✔ Themes for sudoku for kids<br>✔ Three category Number , Fruits, Animal.<br>✔ Solving sudoku free in sudoku 3x3,4x4,6x6,8x8,9x9 play mode<br><br>Thanks all for your support!

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