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Neural Network Number

Neural Network Number<br>This game is based on the Artificial neural networks (ANNs). These are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute brains. The system learns and improve progressively his performance to do tasks by using examples. They have been used for different tasks, like machine translation, medical diagnosis, speech and image recognition, computer vision, video games, social network filtering; and in many other domains such as robotics, artificial intelligence.<br>This game is a kind of introduction to education, artificial intelligence and neural networks. Only by changing education, can our children compete with machines! Education is a big challenge now, if we do not change the way we teach. We have to teach something unique, so that a machine can never catch up with us.<br><br>Let’s grow the network, learn deep and beat the machines.<br><br>How to play?<br>You have 3 layers: The input, hidden and output layer. In Each layer you have the neurons, which contain a number or an operator, those are connected (using synapses) with each other. <br>The goal is to have a correct calculation by selecting the correct number or operators in each layer. <br>At the beginning, the network is small. Use your finger to draw a line from the input layer going through the synapses into the hidden layer to the output layer, by touching each time a neuron with the correct number and operator. When you reach a certain score, the network grows. If you do not choose the correct number or operator, you start all over again.<br><br>You have a child mode, where only addition and subtraction operators are available. Here we took care of the young user, who do not encounter the division or the modulo operator. ;)<br>The child sees the numbers it touches. If the operation is correct, it is highlighted in green. If the operation is wrong, it is highlighted in red, and immediately afterwards the correct answer is given in green<br><br>It is also an app that helps the brain to develop quickly and to improve in calculation.<br>Just be sure, the time will set you under pressure. (^_^)<br>If you like the game and appreciate the effort put in the game, visit the application page and write a comment or a suggestion and also don’t forget to rate it. We are always glad to hear your feedback.<br><br>More features:<br>- Neural Network<br>- Deep Neural<br>- Artificial Intelligence <br>- Stunning 2D arcade graphics<br>- Nice colors<br>- Great time killer and skill tester<br>- First game of its kind<br>- free games<br>- Education game<br>- Boost your brain<br>- pretty simple games<br>- Train your mind<br>- challenging games<br><br>Play first, then share your score with your friends and the best moments with the world, because sharing is caring and enjoy it!<br>Good luck, learn deep and beat the machines