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29 Card

Heartthrob 29 Card game is now available in your palm.<br><br>Play with friends, professionals and legendary players. Test how good you are in this calculative brain game! You also have an intelligent artificial intelligent friend with whom you can play too.<br><br>☆ <b>COMPETE WITH MOST INTELLIGENT 29Cards AI</b> ☆<br><br>Refine your skills in the practice arena competing with the most clever and thoughtful AI brought into the 29Cards game. You may forget that you’re playing with a machine.<br><br>☆ <b>ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAMING</b> ☆<br><br>The world never knew as you never shown your skills before. Now it’s the time to reveal what you have inside. Beat the legendary players in online multiplayer boards.<br><br>☆ <b>CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS</b> ☆ *Coming soon<br><br>Got some secret rage on your jigri friend? Now, beat them hard on online multiplayer battle. Simply sign in with Facebook and invite any of your friends to sit against you. Prove again that you’re the best! ;) Though we all know whom you really are.<br><br>☆ <b>PLAY FOR FREE COINS AND EXCLUSIVE ITEMS</b> ☆<br><br>Get free coins in every hour and free spin every day. In every competitive 1-vs-1 match you play, there’ll be Silver or Gold Coins at stake – win the match and the Coins are yours. You can use these to enter higher ranked matches with bigger stakes.<br><br><br>☆Download the crazy game NOW! ☆<br>*This game can be played both online and offline.<br><br>Don’t miss out on the latest news:<br><br>Like 29Cards: http://fb.com/29CardsGame/<br><br>------------------------------------<br><br>Find out more about 29Cards: http://www.29cards.com<br><br>TERMS AND CONDITIONS: http://www.29cards.com/terms-and-conditions<br><br>PRIVACY POLICY: http://www.29cards.com/privacy<br><br>Minimum Requirement : Android OS version 4.1