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Cold Approach

Cold Approach is the ultimate tool for aspiring pickup artists and for anyone wanting to learn how to approach, meet and date strangers. <br><br>It aims to make the process of mastering the social skills necessary scientific and efficient rather than intuitive and speculative.<br><br>More specifically, this app allows you to log every approach and interaction you have with a stranger in a quick and simple way.<br><br>From those recorded approaches, it generates useful statistics and charts of your performance over time.<br><br>Officially recommended by James Tusk Daygame &amp; Dating Coach.<br>Check out his review of the app: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMpWfmcsRPc<br><br>You no longer have any excuses not to keep track of your progress! <br>All you need to do after every approach is to take a few seconds to log it and you're set.<br><br>Features:<br>• A brief form to fill out after every approach you do that captures the most essential information about the interaction.<br>• A list of your approaches grouped by days.<br>• A vast array of filters that you can combine in any way you want to sift through the approaches that matter to you.<br>• Statistics generated from your recorded approaches.<br>• A line chart that tracks your monthly progress and performance (approaches, hooks, closes, dates and lays).<br>• A simple and intuitive interface.<br>• Phone and tablet support.

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