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Educational Games 4 Kids

New pescAPPs game! This fun application contains 12 games designed for kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. With this game kids will learn:<br><br>- The animals name and sound<br>- Distinguish shapes<br>- Learn to paint and colors<br>- Time: Hours and minutes<br>- The emotions: angry, surprised, happy…<br>- Piano: Musical notes and 12 songs<br>- Improve their memory, logic and concentration <br>- Play 3 in a row <br>- Play 4 in a line<br>- Solve mazes<br>- Pinball: Motor skills and spatial vision.<br><br>Perfect for preschoolers!<br><br>Thank you for download pescAPPs games, with our games children can learn while having fun. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.