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Chaconne Music Composer (demo)

Write music on the go! Professional music composition tools at a reasonable price.<br><br>Advanced AND simple - tap the notes on a keyboard to write music, play them back straight away. Then add dynamics, ornaments, articulations, lyrics, chord symbols to the music notes - or transpose your composition, change the time signature, whatever you want.<br><br>The most fully featured music composition app for Android - many of the features of Sibelius, Finale or Musescore in the palm of your hand.<br><br>The free version is a demo - it allows you to compose music and explore all the features of the app, but you must purchase the full version to be able to save your musical composition.<br><br>Features:<br><br>- Multiple staves and instruments<br>- Intuitive input via software piano keyboard<br>- Flexible, dynamic layout ensuring symbols make space for each other<br>- Zoom and scroll<br>- Tuplets and cross-rhythms<br>- Playback<br>- Select and paste bars, parts of bars or entire ranges<br>- Undo/redo<br>- Lyrics<br>- 'View' mode allows viewing score alone on the page<br>- Ornaments and articulations<br>- Acciaccaturas and groups of grace notes<br>- Dynamics, fermata<br>- Tie individual notes or whole chords<br>- Change clef, time and key signature at start or in middle of score<br>- Repeat bars, DC, Segno etc.<br>- Hairpin dynamics, slurs, 8va, pedal markings<br>- Compound and irregular time signatures<br>- Transpose part or all of score<br>- Insert any tempo or expression marking<br>- Change tempo at start of score or in middle<br>- Chord symbols<br>- Add or delete bars<br>- Import from MusicXml<br>- Import from MIDI coming soon!<br><br>Paid version includes:<br>- Save feature<br>- Export to JPG, PDF, MIDI, MusicXML<br>- Autosave